What Is The Best Energy Company In Texas?

What Is The Best Energy Company In Texas?

August 22, 2023
Shawn Cornett

With Texas leading the U.S. by producing 12% of the country's power, you would expect it to have the best energy companies. These days, there are so many choices it can be hard to know which one to go with to get the best deal for your needs. So, how can you filter out the best energy companies in Texas to get the one that works for you?

This article will allow you to peruse a few of the best companies out there and offer you the pros and cons of each option. By the end, you should understand which of these would be the single most appropriate choice for you.

What Defines the Best Energy Company?

There are enough energy suppliers in Texas that it can be very hard to find one that breaks out from the mold. Still, there are a few specific elements that will cause a company to stand out as the best electricity provider in Texas.

Stability and Reliability

Over the past few years, extreme weather events from freezing weather to severe storms have wracked Texas. These have caused widespread outages and other issues. Reliable companies can get back to a state of stability by restoring their supplies during such emergencies.

During hot summer months, you find a similar situation with peak energy demands as everyone turns on air conditioning. A stable company can ride these out and remain consistent, avoiding brownouts.

Data Security

Another issue people should be aware of is how resilient both the grid and a customer's data are to cyber threats. Robust energy infrastructure and high-quality security can assure you of safety. Having such systems can ensure your energy and data both remain in good hands.

Diverse Energy Plans

High-quality energy companies understand that every homeowner has different energy needs. As such, they will take steps to ensure every customer has the option of different tariffs. These might include fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, or even green energy options in some cases.

How Does Deregulation Affect Your Choices?

Most of Texas has deregulated its energy market. In these areas, there is no single electricity company that runs the equipment providing power to the region. This means that consumers have much more power to choose which energy provider they want.

In looking at the different options available, customers can select one that matches their needs. This way, they are not beholden to specific offerings from a single business. They can instead make their decisions based on a wider variety of factors than in a regulated market, such as:

  • Price
  • Renewable options
  • Contract flexibility
  • Company history

As such, it drives competition among the suppliers, reduces consumer costs, and pushes innovation. In theory, companies will also work harder to keep customers by offering a much better service.

A Top Contender - Ambit Energy

There are a great many different energy companies in Texas to choose from. While the full list would be excessive, the following are a few of the stand-out options available.

Ambit Energy

This well-trusted electric company in Texas has an "A+" rating among the Better Business Bureau, as well as high customer rankings. They provide contract-free energy plans. This gives customers a lot more flexibility in how they engage with the energy they need.

They can provide variable rate plans as well as featured or fixed options. They have this to say about the choices available:

"Variable rate plans only make sense when you need month-to-month flexibility, otherwise go with one of our featured or fixed plans.

Understand that having a contract is not a bad thing. If you move then you don't have to pay your cancellation fee anyway and with Ambit if you don't like your plan you can change it at any time so there are really very few situations where a variable plan makes sense.

Really a variable plan is only best for a situation like a property manager rehabbing or fixing up a property for a few months prior to get it ready to rent."

Ambit works to ensure its customers receive education on their options. This helps people who use their service make informed decisions about their energy provider. While this may mean they end up choosing other options, it also means Ambit drives itself to set more competitive rates and services.

To help keep customers informed on what they do, Ambit has created an On-the-Go mobile app. This gives consumers much better access to their accounts, empowering them to stay on top of issues that might occur.

At the same time, Ambit engages with its community, working with charities and local groups to promote energy efficiency. This shows how dedicated they are to not only providing energy but also having a positive impact on the area they serve.

How to Determine Your Best Option

When you look at the above, consider your own energy needs and your lifestyle priorities. Look over the:

  • Different plan types
  • Energy pricing options
  • Contract terms
  • Renewable assurances
  • Customer service history
  • Online reviews

These, alongside online comparison tools, will help you make a much more informed decision on how best to move forward.

The Best Energy Companies in Texas

The above information should have given you a much better idea of how to define the best energy companies in Texas. Of these, you likely understand now why Ambit Energy stands out among the others as the cream of the crop. Of course, we would love to help you work with them to get the most advantageous offer for you.

Our people can discuss your energy needs with you to ensure you get the best deal. So, get a quote to switch today and learn more about how we can help.

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