Ambit Energy Our Purpose

Electricity... Minus The Headache & Surprise Bill

Setting up your electricity in Texas no longer requires late night researching, countless browser tabs, dozens of calls and endless holding only to end up with with a surprise bill. Save the migraine. We’ll take it from here.

Dazed & Confused? You're not alone!

Electricity deregulation in Texas has been very effective in attracting a highly competitive marketplace of retail energy providers which helps keep Texas electricity rates low. Unfortunately many consumers are lost in an endless ocean of choices trying to find the best energy company and plan.  VIP Energy Service is here to cut through the clutter with experienced energy consultants delivering knowledgeable advice.

Bait & Switch? Not here!

Unfortunately many companies offer purposely confusing plans and consumers often end up with unpleasant surprises come bill time. With VIP Energy Service you can count on transparent pricing without any hidden "catch 22" terms in your energy plan that can lead to very unpleasant surprises on your electric bill.

Solid Foundation & Strong History... Yes please!

Every time a winter polar vortex or coastal hurricane rolls through Texas, wholesale energy prices surge and scores of Texas ESCO's (Energy Service Companies) go out of business. At VIP Energy Service, we only work with the best. Sleep sound knowing your electricity company has weathered every major energy crisis since 2006.

We're A Bit Old School

Some companies hide behind technology, not us. People are the secret sauce of any business. At VIP Energy Service you will talk to real people. Yes you may have to wait a few minutes on hold or to get a call back, but we're not routing calls overseas. All of our highly trained electricity consultants reside right here in Texas.

We're Ready For The Unexpected

It's extremely rare for there to be problems getting your electricity setup and connected, but occasionally lightning strikes where & when it's not expected. We’ve run into nearly every situation imaginable, but even if you won the lottery of bad luck... we've got your back. We’ve spent 15+ years developing close relationships across the industry. Sometimes knowing the right person in the right department can make all the difference.

We Hire Amazing People

A point of extreme pride for us is the virtually non-existent turnover within our team. Many have been with us here for years. All are highly trained and darn good at what they do. We are a small and tight-knit group dedicated to delivering a VIP level of service unmatched in the industry.