Experience Ultimate Freedom with Ambit Energy’s “Try It, Like It or Change It” Pledge

Every year, millions of consumers get locked into long-term contracts that don’t serve their evolving needs and preferences. Fortunately, Ambit Energy is changing the narrative with its “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge. This pledge epitomizes Ambit’s commitment to unparalleled flexibility and customer-centric energy solutions. This article explores this unique offering and how it liberates consumers from the traditional constraints of energy contracts.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Energy Contracts

The conventional energy industry model is built around contracts that lock in consumers for a certain period, often leaving them stuck with a plan that may not fully meet their changing needs. This approach lacks flexibility and understanding of the dynamic nature of a customer’s lifestyle and energy consumption patterns. 

Ambit Energy, on the other hand, firmly believes that an energy plan should be an enabler, not a constraint. This belief laid the foundation for our innovative “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge, where contracts serve as a vehicle for delivering superior value rather than hindering flexibility.

Understanding the “Try It, Like It or Change It” Pledge 

The “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge empowers Ambit Energy customers with the freedom to change their plan once a year, forever. This liberty to modify plans caters to the evolving needs of consumers and allows them to benefit from new offerings, plans, and lower rates that may become available over time.

The key value proposition of the pledge is flexibility. For instance, if you’ve always been intrigued by the concept of free nights but are uncertain whether it would be advantageous for your particular energy use pattern, you can give it a go. If it doesn’t yield the savings you were expecting, you’re free to switch back to your previous plan or explore a new one. 

This approach not only reduces the risk of trying different plans but also enables consumers to make more informed decisions about what works best for them. It allows consumers to treat their energy plan as a dynamic element that can be fine-tuned and optimized over time, much like how one would manage a portfolio of investments.

Moving Has Never Been Easier 

Moving to a new home can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Navigating through the plethora of things to manage, the last thing you’d want is to grapple with the complexities of your energy contract. Ambit Energy addresses this challenge head-on with its move-friendly policy.

As part of our “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge, if you move, you have the ultimate flexibility to manage your energy contract. You can cancel your contract with no penalty if you find better plans and rates in your new area, or transfer your existing plan. If you move to an area we don’t service, your plan ends automatically with no extra fees. This flexibility makes the process of moving a breeze, freeing you to focus on settling into your new home.

The Best of Both Worlds: No Contract Plan 

While the “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge offers remarkable flexibility within a contract, Ambit Energy also provides a no-contract option with the Lone Star Flex plan. You might ask, “Why opt for a no-contract plan when the contract-based plan already offers such tremendous flexibility?” The answer is simple: Ambit Energy believes in catering to a diverse array of consumer needs and preferences.

Some consumers might prefer the no-strings-attached nature of a no-contract plan. For them, the Lone Star Flex plan is a perfect fit. Others might appreciate the stability and predictability of a contract, along with the flexibility to change it, making our “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge

 the go-to option. 

At Ambit Energy, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to energy consumption. That’s why we provide different options to cater to the unique needs of each consumer.


At Ambit Energy, we’re not just an energy provider; we’re a customer-centric company that prioritizes the unique needs and preferences of our customers. With the “Try It, Like It or Change It” pledge, we’ve torn down the traditional walls of energy contracts, offering unprecedented flexibility that lets consumers adjust their energy plans to suit their evolving lifestyles.

So, whether you’re a night owl who would benefit from free nights, someone who moves frequently, or simply someone who enjoys having the freedom to switch things up, Ambit Energy has got you covered. Experience the best of both worlds today with Ambit Energy’s contract and no-contract plans and enjoy the ultimate freedom in managing your energy consumption.