Energy deregulation has made it’s way to Texas therefore we can now choose our very own energy supplier rather then having to buy from a monopoly. In Texas what this means is we can easily save big money simply by selecting a supplier with a more affordable rate than what we currently pay.

If you decide to work with Ambit Service great but in case you don’t, we want you to know that switching supply companies is secure and simple.

Switching is safe

The main reason the majority of people don’t go with a new supply company is merely fear of change. The state of Texas actually manages the whole process so that the consumer is protected. In fact, every energy supply company doing business within the state has to go through a rigorous licensing process prior to being able to conduct business or sign up electricity customers.

The same company that has always read your meter and the exact same company which has always repaired the lines each time a storm outage occurs will continue to handle the process whenever you switch providers. Just like it makes most sense for just one garbage company per area to handle the trash, it also still makes the most sense for only one company to deal with the maintenance of the electricity grid.

Switching is easy

The process of picking a new supplier is easier than you might think. It’s really no different than choosing to fill your fuel up at a gas station with the most affordable rate. All you have to do is decide on a new company which has a more affordable rate and take 5 minutes to switch your plan either on the phone or over the web. Once you’ve begun the switch, you can unwind and relax.

Depending on time of month that you initiated the switch to a new energy provider, you may have to wait a couple billing cycles before the change is shown in the bill. Until that time you’ll continue with your present service provider.

Switching Energy Providers Can Save You A Lot Of Money Every Month

The amount you can save depends upon a number of factors such as: where you are located, who your current company is and the kind of plan you’ve selected with that company. 9 times out of 10 we are able to save our clients considerable money every month. If we can’t save you money we will in no way expect you to switch. Contact us today, you have nothing to lose.

The Advantage

As an independent distributor for Ambit Energy, delivers some of the cheapest rates within the entire CPL Retail Energy, First Choice Power, Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, and WTU Retail Energy service territory. Most importantly with is confidence you’ll have a fast, friendly and personalized independent consultant that lives in the United States of America and is taking care of your best interest and not just some customer service rep that might be outsourced in another country.
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