Ambit Energy: Revolutionizing the Power Industry through Flexibility and Affordability

In a rapidly transforming world, consumers increasingly seek service providers that understand and cater to their evolving needs. This sentiment rings particularly true in the power industry, where households and businesses alike have become progressively mindful of how their energy consumption impacts their expenses and the environment. This article explores Ambit Energy’s groundbreaking approach to meeting customers’ energy needs, offering ultimate flexibility, unbeatable rates, and various customer-friendly initiatives.

Contractual Freedom like Never Before 

The mere mention of “contracts” may send shivers down the spines of many consumers, given the rigidity and limitations often associated with them. However, with Ambit Energy, the narrative changes dramatically. Here, contracts are no longer restricting but rather empowering.

Unlike conventional energy suppliers that bind you to a fixed plan for the duration of your contract, Ambit Energy offers you the freedom to change your plan up to once per year. Yes, you read that right! If you find that your current plan no longer suits your needs or preferences, you can conveniently switch to a different one. This yearly plan-change policy provides you with the opportunity to adapt your energy plan as your circumstances evolve, giving you ultimate control over your energy consumption and costs.

Try Free Nights Without the Fear of Commitment 

Ambit Energy understands that every consumer is unique, and thus what works best for one might not necessarily be ideal for another. That’s why we offer the intriguing ‘Free & Clear Nights’ plan. If you’ve been contemplating whether this plan could benefit you but are uncertain about making the commitment, we’ve got you covered. Free nights runs from 9pm to 6am, for some people this adds up to serious savings!

With Ambit Energy, you have the option ‘Free & Clear Nights’ plan a try, and if getting electricity free during the night doesn’t work to your advantage, no problem! You can readily change back to your old plan or even explore a different one. The freedom to experiment with different plans ensures that you can truly find a plan that’s tailored to your specific lifestyle and consumption patterns.

Moving? No Hassle with Ambit 

Moving can be stressful, and the last thing anyone wants is added worries about their energy plan. Ambit Energy once again steps up to simplify this process. Whether you are moving to a new area or considering changing your plan because of better rates and options, Ambit allows you ultimate flexibility.

With Ambit Energy, you can cancel your contract without any penalty if you move to an area with better plans or rates. If you move to an area that we don’t service, your contract will automatically end without any extra fees. Alternatively, you can choose to transfer your existing plan to your new location. The power truly lies in your hands!

Why Go with a No Contract Plan? 

While we offer a no-contract plan like our Lone Star Flex, you might wonder why one would consider this option given our customer-friendly contract terms. Well, the reason is simple: we aim to cater to every unique consumer need. So whether you prefer the security of a contract or the complete freedom of a no-contract plan, Ambit Energy has the right fit for you.

Switch to Ambit Energy and Enjoy Lower Rates

Remember the power crisis last year when rates were sky-high and consumers were forced into contracts with exorbitant rates? Well, those days are now behind us. Today, you can take advantage of the significantly lower rates by switching to Ambit Energy. And here’s the best part: we will cover your cancellation fees!

Switching is as easy as pie. Simply join us at Ambit, show us your cancellation fee, and we will cut you a check for it. With us, your rates can go down, even if you are currently in a contract.

Cut Your Summer Bills in Half with Ambit Energy’s Summer Break Plan 

As the mercury rises, so does the strain on your wallet due to increased power consumption. Ambit Energy’s Summer Break plan is here to alleviate this seasonal stress. This innovative plan offers an astonishing 50% off your supply charge during the four highest usage months of the year, June through September. With the Summer Break plan, you no longer need to sacrifice your much-anticipated summer vacation due to skyrocketing electric bills.

Affordable and Accessible Energy for All 

At Ambit Energy, we believe that everyone has the right to affordable, reliable energy. We recognize that the deposit requests of many power companies can be a burden for some customers. That’s why we always maintain low deposits and offer the option to split your deposit – half down and the other half on your first bill. And if you’re 65 or older, we waive your deposit altogether.

And what if you don’t have a social security number? No worries! With Ambit Energy, you don’t need one. Simply pay our low deposit, either in full or split into two payments, and your lights will be on in no time. We even offer same-day turn-ons.


The era of being stuck in inflexible, expensive power contracts is a thing of the past, thanks to Ambit Energy. Our consumer-centric approach to energy provision offers customers unprecedented flexibility, affordability, and peace of mind. Whether you want to test out the 100% Renewable ‘Free & Clear Nights’ plan, save on your summer bills, or need a power company that respects your financial limitations, Ambit Energy is your go-to solution. So, make the switch today and enjoy the power of choice, freedom, and savings with Ambit Energy.