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CPL Energy is no longer your only option! Energy deregulation is here now therefore you can decide your own power supplier. If you would like to decrease your electricity and/or natural gas monthly bill you've come to the absolute right place. With AmbitService. com you can expect the greatest degree of customer support and some of the best rates and value inside the CPL Energy service territory.

Even if you actually choose not to work together with us, we'd like you to definitely understand that changing to a new energy supply company is safe and simple.

Switching Power Supply Companies is Safe

The main reason the majority of people don’t transition from CPL Energy to a new electric supply company happens because they simply fear that which there're unfamiliar with. We would like that you understand there is nothing to worry about; the state utility commission regulates the complete process and runs every company through a rigid licensing procedure so people are protected.

Another large concern many consumers have is they don’t want to become the very last individual on the block to get electrical energy switched back on during a storm outage. Be aware that when you switch energy supply companies this does not alter your delivery company. The exact same person that reads your meter now continues to read your meter. The identical vehicles come out to fix the power lines whenever a storm outage occurs continues to come out. The only thing that changes whenever you swap electricity supply companies will be the amount of your bill. Your new supply company now handles the per kilowatt charge.

Changing Electrical Supply Providers is Simple

Choosing a new supply company is actually less complicated than changing from cable TV to satellite. You don’t need to get a different meter hooked up and nobody even has to show up to your property. Just select a new supplier then take 5 minutes over the phone or online for you to initiate the switch.

It may take a month or two before your bill reflects the alteration based on what day of the month you actually switched. Once you've started the actual switch, you may unwind and relax. You won’t even see the lights flicker; you will simply receive a bill at a lower price.

Switching Energy Providers Can Save You Big Money Monthly

What you can expect to save can vary based on were you reside, who your supplier is and what plan you are currently receiving with that provider. We’re not going to say that we will save you money 100% of the time but the vast majority of the time we are able to and we would not expect you to change providers unless it was going to help you save money.

The AmbitService. com Advantage

Being an independent distributor for Ambit Energy, AmbitService. com offers some of the most affordable rates inside entire CPL Energy service territory. The additional advantage you receive with AmbitService. com is the chance to work with a quickly, friendly and also personalized independent consultant that is taking care of your best interest and not someone paid by the hour, customer support rep.

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