Dallas Electricity: Compare Providers, Best Rates, and Cheapest Plans

You can choose your electricity provider and plan if you live in Dallas, Texas. This means you can shop around for the best electric provider in Dallas, the best electricity rates in Dallas, and the cheapest electricity plans in Dallas. But how do you compare and find the right option for your home or business? This blog will guide you through the basics of the Dallas electricity market, the critical electricity providers in Dallas, the factors that affect electricity rates, and the tips to save on your electricity bills. You will also learn about the unique features and benefits of Ambit Energy, one of the leading electricity providers in Dallas. By the end of this blog, you can make an informed decision about your electricity needs and switch to the best electricity plan for your needs.

Understanding the Dallas Electricity Market

Dallas is part of Texas's deregulated electricity market, meaning customers can choose from different electricity providers and plans. The electricity market in Dallas is overseen by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages the flow of electricity and ensures the reliability and security of the grid. ERCOT also sets the wholesale price of electricity, influencing customers' retail prices.

The electricity market in Dallas is affected by various factors, such as weather conditions, energy demand, fuel costs, transmission and distribution charges, and regulatory policies. For example, during extreme weather events, such as heat waves or cold snaps, the demand for electricity increases, which drives up wholesale and retail prices. Similarly, fuel costs, such as natural gas or coal, also impact the cost of electricity generation and transmission. Additionally, the transmission and distribution charges, regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), cover the cost of delivering electricity from the power plants to the customers. Finally, regulatory policies, such as environmental standards, renewable energy mandates, and market reforms, affect the electricity market and prices.

Customers can choose from different electricity plans of Ambit Energy, such as fixed-rate, variable-rate, or time-of-use plans. A fixed-rate plan offers a stable and predictable price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the duration of the contract, usually 12, 24, or 36 months. A variable-rate plan offers a price per kWh that changes monthly based on the market conditions and the provider's discretion. A time-of-use plan offers different prices per kWh depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, or the season. Each plan type has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your usage patterns, budget, and preferences.

Key Electricity Providers in Dallas

Many electricity providers in Dallas offer different plans and services to customers. Some of the major electricity providers in Dallas are:

Here are some electricity providers in Dallas that you can compare and choose from to find the best plan and price for your needs.

Evaluating Electricity Rates

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an electricity provider and plan in Dallas is the electricity rate. The electricity rate is the price per kWh that you pay for the electricity you use. The electricity rate can vary depending on the type of plan, the provider, the contract length, the usage level, and the market conditions.

To evaluate the electricity rates, you must understand the components, such as energy, transmission, distribution charges, taxes, and fees. The energy charge is the cost of generating and supplying the electricity, which the provider and the market determine. The transmission and distribution charge is the cost of delivering the electricity from the power plants to the customers, which the PUCT and the utility company regulate. The taxes and fees are the additional charges imposed by the government and the provider, such as the sales tax, the municipal franchise fee, the PUCT assessment fee, and the administrative fee.

The electricity rate can also vary depending on the usage level, measured in kWh. Some plans offer a flat rate per kWh regardless of the usage level, while others provide a tiered or stepped rate per kWh, depending on the usage level. For example, a plan may offer a lower rate per kWh for the first 500 kWh, a higher rate per kWh for the next 500 kWh, and an even higher rate per kWh for the usage above 1000 kWh. Some plans also offer a minimum usage fee or a base charge, a fixed amount you pay regardless of the usage level.

To compare the electricity rates of different plans and providers, you need to look at the average price per kWh, which is the plan's total cost divided by the usage level. The average price per kWh can help you estimate your monthly bill and compare the cost-effectiveness of different strategies. However, the average cost per kWh can vary depending on the usage level, so you need to compare the average price per kWh at different usage levels, such as 500 kWh, 1000 kWh, or 2000 kWh. You can find the average price per kWh of other plans and providers on the Electricity Facts Label (EFL), which is a document that discloses the critical information and terms of the plan.

Consider your usage patterns, budget, and preferences to choose the most cost-effective rate for your needs. For example, if you have a stable and predictable usage pattern, you may prefer a fixed-rate plan that offers a regular and predictable price per kWh for the duration of the contract. If you have a flexible and variable usage pattern, you may prefer a variable-rate plan that offers a price per kWh that changes monthly based on the market conditions. If you have a usage pattern that varies depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, or the season, you may prefer a time-of-use plan that offers different prices per kWh depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, or the season.

Unveiling Cheapest Electricity Plans

If you are looking for the cheapest electricity plans in Dallas, you need to compare the plans and prices of different providers and find the best electricity rates in Dallas. However, finding the cheapest electricity plans is more complex than choosing the lowest cost per kWh or average per kWh. It would help if you considered other factors, such as the contract length, the cancellation fee, the hidden fees, and the customer service.

The contract length is the plan's duration, ranging from month-to-month to several years. The contract length can affect the price per kWh and the average price per kWh, as well as your flexibility and commitment. Generally, more extended contracts offer lower prices per kWh and lower average prices per kWh. Still, they also require a longer commitment and a higher cancellation fee if you want to switch to another plan or provider before the contract ends. Shorter contracts offer higher prices per kWh and higher average prices per kWh. Still, they also provide flexibility and a lower or no cancellation fee if you want to switch to another plan or provider anytime.

You must pay the cancellation fee if you cancel the plan or switch to another provider before the contract ends. The cancellation fee can vary depending on the provider and the plan, ranging from $0 to several hundred. The cancellation fee can affect the plan's cost-effectiveness, especially if you are unsatisfied with the plan or the provider and want to switch to another option.

The hidden fees are the additional charges not included in the advertised price per kWh or the average price per kWh but are added to your bill. Some of the standard hidden fees in electricity plans are:

These are some hidden fees you may encounter in your electricity bill. To avoid these fees, read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) and the Terms of Service (TOS) carefully before signing up for a plan. You should also compare the plans and prices of different providers and find the best electricity rates in Dallas for your needs.

Ambit Energy Service Difference

Among the many electricity providers in Dallas, Ambit Energy stands out for its unique features and benefits that offer value, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Some of the reasons why you should choose Ambit Energy as your electricity provider are:

These are some of the unique features and benefits of choosing Ambit Energy as your electricity provider in Dallas. Ambit Energy offers competitive rates and reliable service and rewards you for being a loyal customer and a business partner. Ambit Energy is more than just an electricity provider; it is a community of people who share the same vision of creating a better future for themselves and others.

Tips for Saving on Electricity Bills

Besides choosing the right electricity provider and plan, you can also save on your electricity bills by adopting some simple energy-saving habits and practices. Here are some tips to help you reduce your electricity consumption and lower your bills:

These are some of the tips to help you save on your electricity bills in Dallas. These tips can reduce energy costs and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Try a few of these tips, and monitor your electric bill for savings in the months ahead. Work up to more changes to compound what you save in energy and money.

What Are Ambit's Service Areas?

Ambit Energy is a retail energy provider that offers electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the U.S., with a direct sales channel of Independent Consultants. Ambit Energy has served customers in Texas since 2006 and has won several awards for its customer service, growth, and innovation.

Ambit Energy is available in 15 service areas, including Texas, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C. Just because your state is on the list doesn't mean that Ambit is available in your area.

How Can I Pay My Ambit Energy Bill?

Ambit Energy offers several convenient ways to pay your bill. You can choose the option that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some of the ways you can pay your Ambit Energy bill:

These are some of the ways you can pay your Ambit Energy bill. You can choose the best option and enjoy the convenience and security of paying your bill.

Does Ambit Energy Save You Money?

Ambit Energy can save you money on your electricity bills in several ways. First, Ambit Energy offers competitive rates and reliable service that can help you reduce your energy costs. You can choose from various plans

Second, Ambit Energy offers unique features and benefits that can help you save money and earn rewards. For example, Ambit Energy offers a Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows you to switch to another provider within the first 60 days without paying any cancellation fee if you are unhappy with your service. Ambit Energy also offers a Free Energy Program, which allows you to earn free electricity by referring your friends and family to Ambit Energy. For every 15 customers you refer, you will receive a credit equal to the average payment amount. Ambit Energy also offers a Travel Rewards Program, which allows you to earn travel points by paying your electricity bill. You can redeem your travel points for free trips, cruises, hotel stays, and more. Ambit Energy also offers an Opportunity to Earn Extra Income, which allows you to become an Independent Consultant and earn commissions by helping others save money on their electricity bills.

Third, Ambit Energy can help you save money by providing tips and tools to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption. You can follow some of the tips mentioned above, such as replacing your light bulbs, using smart power strips, installing a programmable or smart thermostat, sealing and insulating your home and educating your family on energy conservation.


Choosing the right electricity provider and plan in Dallas can help you save money, enjoy reliable service, and benefit from unique features and benefits. However, finding the right option can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider, such as the electricity rate, the contract length, the cancellation fee, the hidden fees, and the customer service. You also need to compare the plans and prices of different providers and find the best electricity rates in Dallas for your needs.

That's why we recommend Ambit Energy, one of the leading electricity providers in Dallas, that offers competitive rates, reliable service, and unique features and benefits. Ambit Energy is more than just an electricity provider; it is a community of people who share the same vision of creating a better future for themselves and others.If you want to switch to Ambit Energy:

  1. Check out our plans and rates and sign up online.
  2. Take advantage of this opportunity to save money, earn rewards, and join a community of like-minded people.
  3. Switch to Ambit Energy today and experience the difference.

The typical Texas homeowner pays 13.83 cents for each kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed. As such, Texans can expect to see higher electricity bills during the winter when electricity consumption spikes. These higher bills can be a financial burden, put a strain on the power grid, and lead to power outages.

As a result of these factors, you need to adopt strategies to reduce your Dallas electricity consumption during the winter months. These strategies include turning down your thermostat and using energy-efficient appliances. Here's how to implement each one to survive the freezing months.

Embrace the Warmth of Your Fireplace, But Use it Safely

While convenient, a natural gas fire starter shouldn't be your primary heat source. It emits little heat and causes exhaust fumes to remain indoors. These exhaust fumes could lead to carbon monoxide buildup.

Limit the use of Duraflame-type logs to one at a time. It's because most residential fireplaces can't handle more than one. If you use several logs at a time, they cause excessive heat and chimney damage.

An annual chimney inspection will ensure the chimney is free of excessive creosote and debris accumulation. A clogged chimney poses a fire hazard. You should also burn natural fireplace wood or fuels designed for indoor fireplaces to reduce toxic fumes.

Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows

Most people overlook their doors and windows when it comes to home insulation. But they can be significant sources of heat loss. Air leaks around doors and windows may allow cold air to enter your home.

With cold air in your home, it's difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. You may also incur high energy bills. You can use door sweeps, weatherstripping, and door seals to weatherproof your doors.

For your windows, caulk, sealant, weatherstripping, insulating curtains and window film can work. If you're unsure about how to weatherproof your doors and windows or if you have extensive repairs, consult a professional.

You should also trim any trees or shrubs that overhang your windows, as they can block sunlight and reduce heat gain during the winter.

Switch to a Month-to-Month Plan

Month-to-month electricity plans offer a flexible way to manage your energy consumption. They also help you avoid the hassle of long-term contracts. With these plans, you can switch electricity providers in Dallas or plans when you want and enjoy great control over electricity rates in Dallas, Texas.

A month-to-month plan may have a variable or flexible rate. When choosing one, keep track of your electricity consumption. Do this to identify areas where you can save energy.

Variable rate plans offer month-to-month flexibility but may not be the most cost-effective option in the long run. Fixed-rate plans from the best electricity company in Dallas can provide more predictable pricing. A variable rate plan might make sense in temporary situations when you're uncertain about usage and when you prefer flexibility.

Ambit Energy's Lone Star Flex plan is a variable rate plan that offers month-to-month flexibility and no cancellation fees. The plan also includes an additional $4.95 monthly charge. Call us for more information on the current rate.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats offer several features to help you manage your home's heating and cooling. These features include programmable schedules and remote access. Some smart thermostats learn your habits and preferences and adjust the temperature.

The programmable schedules help you adjust the temperature automatically. They can adjust to your temperature preferences. This way, you can avoid wasting energy when you're not home or asleep.

With remote access, you can control the smart thermostat with a smartphone or tablet. As such, it's easier to adjust the temperature from anywhere. It can be helpful if you come home early or need to make a quick change.

Use Reliable Resources to Inform Yourself About Power Outages

Power outages can disrupt daily routines and pose potential safety hazards. To know about power outages, use reliable resources, which include Dallas energy companies. These resources include ERCOT, Oncor, Farmers Electric Cooperative, United Cooperative Service, Tri-County Cooperative, and Denton Municipal Electric.

ERCOT's comprehensive dashboard can give you insights into the current state of the Texas power grid. It features real-time data on the grid's overall health and potential risk of outages. If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, Oncor's outage map offers a detailed overview of power outages affecting the region.

Farmers Electric Cooperative is a great resource if you're a customer of FEC. The UCS outage map is a valuable resource for residents of Ellis or Tarrant counties who use United Cooperative Services. Customers of Tri-County Cooperative can access outage information on their website.

Make Food Safety a Priority During Power Outages

Since outside temperatures fluctuate, don't store food outside during a power outage. As this happens, refrigerated food may enter the "danger zone" above 40°F. Bacteria may grow in your food, or the frozen food may start thawing.

A refrigerator may maintain its internal temperature for around four hours if the door remains closed. Similarly, a fully stocked freezer can hold its temperature for approximately 48 hours. Only open the refrigerator and freezer doors when needed to preserve the cold air and prevent food from spoiling.

You should also strategically store your food. Place meat and poultry on one side of your freezer or on a tray to prevent cross-contamination from thawing juices. Group other foods together in the fridge and help them maintain a colder temperature within the unit.

Embrace LED Lights for Your Holiday Display

As the holidays approach, you may want to embrace the festive spirit. Twinkling lights and vibrant decorations can help you achieve this goal. To cut lighting costs, switch to LED lights for your holiday display.

LED lights, also referred to as light-emitting diodes, are a revolutionary lighting technology. They consume significantly less energy than incandescent lights. LED lights also last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Since they operate at a lower temperature, they reduce the risk of burns or fire hazards. LED lights also feature durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. As such, they're ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Replace Old Appliances/Devices With Energy Star Certified Models

If your appliances are noisy, inefficient, and not meeting your needs, it's a sign that they're not right for you. They may also be nearing the end of their lifespan. Replace them with new appliances that are more energy-efficient and meet your needs.

Energy Star Certified appliances consume less energy than traditional models. They may help you save on your electricity bills, especially during the winter months when energy demand is high. These appliances come with advanced technologies that improve their heating and cooling performance.

Since they have durable components, Energy Star Certified appliances are less prone to breakdowns. As such, you can enjoy their benefits for many years to come. Energy-saving appliances for a home include Energy Star Certified refrigerators, washers, and ACs.

Insulate Exposed Pipes and Watch Out for Signs of Freezing

Locate exposed pipes, especially those in crawl spaces, attics, exterior walls, and near windows and doors. These pipes are more susceptible to freezing due to their exposure to cold temperatures. Once you find them, choose the appropriate insulation material for the location and size of the pipes.

Common insulation options include foam pipe sleeves, fiberglass insulation, and heat tape. Whichever option you use, wrap the exposed pipes securely with the chosen insulation material. Ensure there are no gaps or openings.

You should also monitor the water flow in your faucets and showerheads. If the water flow is slow or nonexistent, it could indicate frozen pipes. Inspect the pipes for bulges or visible ice formations and listen for unusual noises.

If you suspect frozen pipes, turn off the water supply to the affected area immediately. Don't attempt to thaw frozen pipes yourself since this could cause further damage. Instead, contact a plumber.

Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Sudden power outages during cold spells can pose significant risks. An emergency preparedness plan can help ensure safety and comfort. It ensures you have alternative heating sources, adequate supplies of food and water, and communication means to seek help.

You can make energy-efficient choices with a plan in place even when you're a customer of one of the top energy companies in Dallas. These choices include using flashlights instead of lamps and turning off unnecessary appliances. They can help conserve electricity and prolong the life of battery-powered devices.

Freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions can cause damage to your home. But if you plan for these conditions, you identify potential hazards in advance. You can also respond promptly to reduce property damage.

Need Convenient Dallas Electricity Plans?

As the mercury dips and the days grow shorter, be ready for the potential of power outages. Stock up on essential supplies, create a Dallas electricity plan, and stay abreast of weather conditions. Follow these tips to stay warm, comfortable, and safe throughout the winter months.

With Ambit Energy, you can say goodbye to confusing energy plans and hidden fees. We offer several electricity plans in Dallas to suit your household's needs. Create a MyAmbit Account today to have complete control over your energy plan.

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