Save 7% For 2 Months -Then Guaranteed Savings 1% After

New York residents now have the power to choose their own electricity and natural gas utility supply company.  This means you can switch to an ESCO and save money every month.  Regardless of where you live in New York, you can switch to a new energy supply company to save money without fear of service problems because your current utility provider will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas.

Advantages of switching to Ambit Energy…

Guaranteed Savings! – Ambit Energy is the only energy supplier in the marketplace offering a written guarantee of savings. This guarantee is on record as a part of our terms of service registered with the Public Service Commission.

No Deposits – With Ambit Energy you don’t need to spend money to save money. Other companies may require a deposit before you can switch but with Ambit this is not even a possibility.

No Credit Checks – Worried about your credit or personal information? You can relax with Ambit Energy because not only do we keep all of your information completely confidential, but we don’t even run a credit check.

No Activation Fees of Cost to Switch – It is our #1 goal to save you money so you can spend more money on the things you want. There are no fees, deposits or any other kind of upfront cost required to switch and save.

No Contracts or Commitments – You don’t have to sign a long term contract to take advantage of Ambit Energy’s guaranteed savings. Because there are no contracts or commitments, you can switch back at any time if we’re not delivering.

Green Energy Options – Ambit Energy wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you are eco-friendly, our green energy options are a simple and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Deregulation CheckProven Track Record – In business since 2006, Ambit Energy is #1 on Inc.500 for 2010, has a BBB A rating, a member in good standing with the DSA and savings verified by the consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board.

Selecting a New ESCO is Safe & Simple

One of the more misunderstood concepts regarding energy deregulation is the process of how it works.  The electric and natural gas utility company you have come to rely on will continue to provide those same services.  This is referred to as the delivery portion of the process.  Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, RG&E, Keyspan and all the other delivery companies in the state will continue to serve customers by maintaining the electric and natural gas utility infrastructure.

Common concerns with switching ESCOs

Who do I call and who takes care of storm outages?  Storm outages are handled by the same local electric and natural gas utility you have come to know and trust.  You will continue to call Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, Keyspan, RG&E or whoever the local utility provider is in your area during times of emergency outage or for any other service concerns.

How will billing be affected?  Billing will not be affected at all.  Your same local utility provider will continue to handle the billing and you will continue to pay this same company every month.  The only change you will notice on your first billing with Ambit Energy is a line item notation on the supply portion of the bill indicating Ambit as your new ESCO.

Switching to Ambit Energy as your ESCO is Quick & Simple

All you need is 5 minutes online or over the phone to initiate the switch.  The changeover will take place on the next meter reading as long as the switch was initiated 15 days in advance of the reading.  Nothing needs to be done to your meter and the lights won’t even flicker in the changeover process.

The Advantage is backed by a team of independent energy consultants for Ambit Energy and we are committed to providing you the highest level of service in the industry by connecting you with a person representative that is looking out for your best interest and not just some paid by the hour customer support representative that likely lives in another country.

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