Switch & Save Up To 11.9% Off BGE Rates

How to Shop for Electricity in Texas

Switch & Save Up To 11.9% Off BGE Rates

BG&E has been your only option until now.  With the recent energy deregulation and elimination of the rate caps that have been in place, competition has moved into the BG&E territory which means you can now lower your electricity and/or gas bill by choosing a new energy supply company.  The process of switching is both safe and simple.  AmbitService.com is here to help you every step of the way with the highest level of customer service and some of the best rates and value you can find anywhere in Maryland!

Advantages of switching to Ambit Energy…

No Deposits – With Ambit Energy you don’t need to spend money to save money. Other companies may require a deposit before you can switch but with Ambit this is not even a possibility.

No Credit Checks – Worried about your credit or personal information? You can relax with Ambit Energy because not only do we keep all of your information completely confidential, but we don’t even run a credit check.

No Early Termination Fees – No red tape or gotchas in the fine print!  With Ambit Energy you can lock in a low fixed rate without worry of any early termination fees should the need arise to cancel early for any reason.

Competitive Variable and Fixed Rates – Whatever your needs are we have a plan for you. With our variable and fixed rates you can breath a little easier, knowing you are getting one of the absolute best rates available.

Green Energy Options – Ambit Energy wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you are eco-friendly, our green energy options are a simple and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Deregulation CheckProven Track Record – In business since 2006, Ambit Energy is #1 on Inc.500 for 2010, has a BBB A rating, a member in good standing with the DSA and savings verified by the consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board.

Switching Suppliers Could Save You Big Time

There are a variety of providers offering a variety of rate plans.  Should you go variable or fixed rate?  Should you go green or stick with regular energy?  These are some of the decisions you will have to make.  AmbitService.com is aligned with Ambit Energy, which is the #1 fastest growing company on the 2010 Inc.500.

Switching from BG&E to Ambit Energy is Completely Safe

A lack of understanding is all that keeps most people from saving money by switching to a new energy supply company.  Many people still fear the unknown.  Who is going to fix the lines during a storm outage?  Do I still call the same phone number if service is interrupted?  If you have similar concerns, take comfort in knowing that the Maryland Public Service Commission regulates the entire process to ensure consumers are protected.

FAQ #1 – What if a storm outage occurs? If a storm outage occurs you have nothing to worry about because BGE will still be the delivery company.  This means they maintain control of the electric and gas grid and they still get paid to fix the lines and get your service turned back on.

FAQ #2 – How will billing be handled? You will still get your bill directly from BGE and you will pay your bill directly to BGE.  Choosing a new energy provider simply means your new supplier will control the per kilowatt or therm rate you get charged.  The only change on your bill will be a line item notation indicating who your new supplier is and what they are charging you per kilowatt or therm, if you use natural gas.

Switching to Ambit Energy is Simple

The process takes less than 5 minutes over the phone or online.  Many people don’t realize just how seamless the process really is.  You don’t need to have a new meter installed.  Nobody even needs to come out to your house.

Once the switch is initiated it may take one or two billing cycles for your bill to reflect your switch to Ambit Energy.  In the mean time you will continue to be charged the per kilowatt or therm rate of your current provider.  Once you see a bill come in from BGE with Ambit Energy listed as your supplier you will know the change has been made.

The AmbitService.com Advantage

As an independent distributor for Ambit Energy, AmbitService.com gives you the ability to work with a fast, friendly and personalized independent consultant who is looking out for your best interest and not just some paid by the hour customer support rep.

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